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Just Updating My Reading List

HP: All was well...
I'm just updating my reading list from a couple of weeks ago with the fics that I've read moved up. I'm keeping track more than anything else.

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And after that huge list, this is my updated TBR list. If you want to add to the list, feel free!

To Be Read

Solitaire by snarkypants
When a Lioness Fights by kaylay silverstorm
Time's Treasure by debjunk (I'm really trying to remember if I've ever read this before)
Being Hermione Granger by Amphotera (Is this one any good?)
Post Tenabras, Lux by loten
Chasing the Sun by loten
Phoenix Feathers by Camillo
Good as Gold by Camillo
Out of the Shadow Came a Rose by gingertart
Bat Out of Hell by Bleddyn
Don't Get Me Wrong by Bleddyn

Fic List

Fanfic: Cheaper Than Therapy
As the title suggests, this is just a fic list. I know... why do you care? Meh, most of your probably don't. The reason I'm posting this is really for me, though I'm leaving this open because I know that it's sometimes a nice reminder to see what stories other people have read recently or enjoyed that reminds what it was I adored about a fic in the first place. And often times that sends me out to read it or something similar as well. Plus, it might spur someone to rec me something I've missed, forgotten about, or hadn't gotten around to reading yet!

As I posted in my last few posts, I was looking for SSHG fic recs. It was mid-January when I started reading the ship again after a lengthy hiatus. I'm a slow reader and I work from home (which takes up a good chunk of my day...well, it does sporadically at any rate) so my list isn't nearly as impressive for 3 months as it would be for many others of you. Shug, I know, can read circles around me. LOL!

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And after that huge list, there's still my TBR list, too. Though some of them I'll pick up sooner than others. There's always room to squeeze in more!

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Hmmm... so what am I going to open up next? Feel free to add to my TBR list... PLEASE!


Looking for a fic

A specific one this time (though if you have anymore recs for me, I'll take 'em!)

Shug and I were looking for "Solataire" by snarkypants. It's been removed from Ashwinder and ffnet and the author doesn't even exist there anymore. It was one of the first 10 fics I read in the fandom, so I really don't have a clue if it was as good as I remember (those first love glasses, you know, LOL!) The most we found were 5 chapters in Portuguese on ffnet. :)

Does anyone have a copy of it or know where there's one posted somewhere else?


Well lookie there....

First of all... Twice in just over a week. That's pretty amazing for me. Heck, I even managed to post a comment or two over the last week. Shocker.

Really, though, I had an epiphany this weekend and wanted to share. Because really, who else would I share this with? (Poor Shug, cuz I realised it this weekend and talked her ear off because of it. LOL!) Anyhow, I think I know why I've been devouring the Snermione fic over the last month. Nine years ago, last month was when I began reading SSHG to begin with.

But even better. Today, yes, TODAY... is the 9 year anniversary of the posting of the first fanfic I ever wrote. I actually wrote that little one-shot 9 years ago when I posted my plea last week for fic recs.

I know. It's not 10 years, but who knows where we'll be in 10 years and it struck me to look at the dates over the weekend. :) So there you are, probably the real reason I've been reminiscing. Heck, it was enough to make me want to read through my long-abandoned WIPs to see if they were fixable (they totally are) and if I was inclined to actually fix them (we'll see).

Anyhow, THANK YOU for the fic recs last week. I've actually been reading Aurette's stuff over the last several days and enjoying it immensely.

*If you have anymore SSHG fic recs PLEASE send them my way*


I know... I'm never here...

But that doesn't mean that I'm completely off the grid. Just kinda.

Really, I've asked on my FB page. I've emailed a couple of friends. Yet... for some reason, I keep running out of stuff.

What am I talking about you ask?

I am positively jonesing for Snermione fanfic. No, I have no clue why. I really hadn't read much in the last few years aside from a few select stories that I tend to pull out on a yearly basis. Then, in the last month I have read about 30 stories. The majority of them were stories that I'd read before.

So, I'm asking for Snermione (HEA) fic recs. I don't care if they're the same recs that everyone gives out. I don't care if I've read them 100x's before. The truth of the matter is that I may have read it before, but aside from those 30 fics I've read over the last several weeks, I really can't remember what I liked before and after reading some of the stories, I'm discovering that it's been long enough that I don't remember every little thing that happens in a story.

It's just really nice to remember what it was that I enjoyed about the fandom the first time around. Good stories, good writing. HP fanfic writers know how to plot... it's nice to see that. :)



Fanfic: Cheaper Than Therapy
I've been busy! Writing, editing... and generally just trying like crazy to keep my head above water. It's been a very long week!

Firstly, I want to thank carley9 for the awesome story in the SSHG Exchange. It was a take on the MLC (my fave type of fic, yanno) and just lovely. Thank you, Carley!

Matchmaking With Tea by carley9

Secondly, I want to tell Droxy that I haven't made it to the post office yet... but I swear I will as soon as I can. :)

And third, I need to post this picture that I stumbled across on Facebook today. It made me laugh and I seriously needed a good laugh.

2012 SSHG Exchange: Likes/Dislikes

Fanfic: Cheaper Than Therapy
This is my "SSHG Likes/Dislikes" post.

To the person who got my prompts, I thank you in advance.

Some things to know: I'm not really picky. I like the 'classic' SSHG fics. MLCs, surrogate fics, magical bond/spells to drive SSHG together, etc... those are my favorites. I am not a PWP fan. I much prefer plot. And I'm definitely not adverse to preg!fics and kiddies. Almost anything goes, just please don't give me an awful ending or kill either SS or HG.

Things I like: Romance, humor, drama, resolvable angst (as in, resolved within the story), & hurt/comfort. I read because I want to take a journey with the writer.

For art: I am not picky at all. I admire anyone who can draw and create in that way because it goes far beyond my expertise. My only request there is that I prefer that Snape not be Alan Rickman (I adore the man and especially LOVE his voice, but he's way too old for Snape in my head) and that Hermione not be Emma Watson (she's too young and way too girlie for my tastes.)

Most importantly: My prompts are there as a guideline to the types of stories that I enjoy, but I do not need or require anyone to use them as a laundry list of "must have" or "must do". To me, prompts are there to point you in a direction, it's completely up to YOU where you take it and the journey you choose to take.

Merry Christmas!

Quotes: Glomps

I may not be around hardly at all anymore, but I do think about all of you often. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas this year!

Much love,


SS/HG Fic Likes/Dislikes for the Exchange

Fanfic: Cheaper Than Therapy
We're encouraging everyone who is participating in the SS/HG Exchange to make a post similar to this for your anonymous gifter. Even if you think that everyone must know you and should obviously know your likes and dislikes, you may be wrong. We have lots of new people, as well as people who have either been out of the fandom or skirting on the outside for quite some time now. These posts are the final place where they can get to know YOU!

Here is mine... and yes, before you say that this is pointless exercise, think again. I actually DID sign up for the exchange this time around. Just being co-modly, I did so via my co-mods and email.

So... :P

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Merry Christmas!

Fanfic: Cheaper Than Therapy
I just want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!

We had our traditional caramel rolls for breakfast, opened gifts, and then this afternoon we're taking the kiddos to the movies. After all of that we'll have ham for dinner... with the yummy Mormon Potatoes. (I always feel guilty calling them that, but my old coworkers insisted that's that they called them... they were all devout LDS.)